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    Finally! KZ400 and KZ440 Workshop Manual.(Post)

       If you own a kz440 or kz400 this is the link you need! All the info for the Kawasaki twin.Easy to use and a ton of technical info. If you have a stock bike or building it into a custom c ...

    How to Rebuild a Motorcycle Carburetor(Post)

    Courtesy of PJ1,Why would I need to rebuild my motorcycle carburetor: Hesitation on accelerationHard starting while coldThe bike sat for a long time without runningLack of power or poor fuel economy ...

    Don't worry my son, we can jet your carbs correctly.(Post)

    Don't worry my son, we can jet your carbs correctly.        We have jetted hundreds of Mikuni Carburetors for a huge variety of bikes.  From a single cylinder sr250  ...

    New Headlights in stock this week! Alpha and Omega Dual LED Projector Mini Headlight Mask(Post)

    First we have the Omega headlight- we have the Alpha- a customer sent us ...

    Cb350 Retro Build(Post)

    Cb350 Retro racer build ~ cheap and easy. Part 1 We have a decent amount of parts laying around the shop and decided to throw some parts on the old cb350 we had laying around. We wanted to lea ...

    The Cafe Racer headlights(Post)

    The world of Café Racer proposes numerous accessories that are more likely to modify the inside of a classic motorcycle than others. Here is a selection of Cafe Racer Headlights found at SpeedMotoCo.

    Lashing out.......wait what?(Post)

    Great Article by Dan!! ? I have no problems... mine are nice and quite. Maybe and maybe not. As we know, metal expands and contracts as it heats and co ...


    User paulages breaks down the similarities between the CB550 DOCH4 and the CB650 DOCH4. A 650 crank can be mated to the cb550 bottom end with minimal machining. To do a big bore on a 650 bottom en ...

    How to Install the DANG! headlight(Post)

    So you went out and bought yourself a new headlight, or maybe you are still waiting to pull the trigger. But look! Your old headlight is still on your bike. How do you replace it with this new fangle ...

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