Motorcycle Electronic Ignition for XS750 1976-1978

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Simple and reliable kit for your XS750.

Points are fine but this is a upgrade! No checking, just install the kit and get on down the road. Fits the XS750 1976-1978

  • Easy to install 
  • Reliable
  • High output spark
  • Uses stock coils
  • Built-in current protection circuit.
  • comes with extra bits

Only 3 wires, built-in Led Timing light, no other parts, easy to install. Computer program controls advance angle and timing.


  1. Start of Spark Advance: 1400 rpm
  2. Full Advance: 3950 rpm
  3. Advance Range: 5-37 angle
  4. Tytronic Built
  5. Duty cycle is 33%
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