XS250, XS360, XS400 motorcycle electronic ignition | replacement ignition kit | Yamaha Twin

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Simple and reliable kit for your XS250 XS360 XS400 plus some extra bits

  • Uses stock coils
  • Fits the XS250 XS360 XS400 Twin All years
  • Easy to install 
  • Reliable
  • High output spark
  • Built-in current protection circuit.
  • Only 3 wires, built-in Led Timing light.
  • Computer program controls advance angle and timing.


  1. Start of Spark Advance: 1400 rpm
  2. Full Advance: 3950 rpm
  3. Advance Range: 5-37 angle

Tytronic Built:

     In every ignition when ignition first senses the signal, ignition will turn on automatically then supply power to the ignition coil. When it senses the second signal this will trigger coil to ignite. This is the complete ignition process. This electronic ignition is designed and produced by Tytronic, duty cycle is designed at 50%. The duty cycle of the original bike is about 50%,and some ignitions you can buy in the market are about 95%. Too big or too small of a value the ignition system energy you will experience insufficient spark and poor performance.



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