HSR42 Kit Installation Instructions 42-7 42-18 easy Kit

HSR42 Kit Installation Instructions 42-7 42-18 easy Kit

 Easy Kit Installation Instructions for The HSR series carburetors are precise yet durable instruments; however, like any other piece of fine equipment, they require correct installation and reasonable care to assure optimum performance and long life. 

 Extra time spent during installation will pay off in both short and long term performance and reliability. This Mikuni HSR carburetor kit is designed to be a bolt-on application, and as such, is set-up and jetted properly for most applications. However, since many Harley-Davidson motors are often highly modified, alternate tuning settings may be required.

 The Mikuni HSR Tuning Manual helps make jetting alterations and adjustments an easy matter. NOTE: Carburetor Kits not designated as C.A.R.B. exempt, are not legal for motor vehicles operated on public highways in the state of California, or in any other states and countries where similar laws apply

 Click on link to read the full instructions- print it! Download it! Read it! 

HSR42 Easy Kit Instructions 42-7 42-18

Mar 22nd 2024 steve rider

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