Motorcycle Electronic Ignition for KZ400 Kawasaki electronic ignition kit | points upgrade

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  • KZ400 Kawasaki electronic ignition kit | points upgrade
  • KZ400 Kawasaki Electronic Ignition | Points Upgrade |


Fits on all KZ400 KZ400 1974 and up with points igntion.

  • The best upgrade for when you would like to replace your existing points with an electronic ignition plus some extra bits.
  • Easy to install.
  • Very Reliable.
  • Works with stock coils. 
  • Fits on all kz400 1974 and up with points igntion.
  • Built-in current protection circuit.
  • Only 3 wires, built-in Led Timing light, no other parts, easy to install.
  • Computer program controls advance angle and timing.


  1. Start of Spark Advance: 1400 rpm
  2. Full Advance: 3800 rpm
  3. Advance Range: 5-37 angle
  4. Duty cycle is 33%

KZ400 KZ440 Ignition Instructions '

     Remove stator and cover
      Move stator mark to F
      Remove OEM ignition and remove rotor
     Install new rotor - black point facing left
   Install new ignition making sure black point does not move and is point at gold point
    Use test lamp to adjust timing '  
        Blue wiring from E ignition to blue wire from coils
        Red Wire from coil ignition connects to black wire / white wire from coil
        Plate must be tightened
        Make sure all wiring is correct or you will damage the unit.
        Ignition coil must be over 3 ohms (STock Works fine )

    If the ignition does not light up it is your coils.
    All units are tested before shipment and work.

   Double check all wiring
   Make sure unit  is grounded
   Tighten all screws
    Make sure your ignition switch is not bad.

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