Speedometer and Tachometer's

     We offer plenty a range of speedometers and tachometers. Ranging from simple OE style replacements all the way to fancy digital dashboards. Below is a list of all the different types of speedos and tachs we offer. For a complete list check out our speedo and tach section here.Handle bar style GPS speedo. Fits 7/8" or 1" bars. Simple power and ground, then slap the GPS unit anywhere you see fit. GPS 52mm. Internal GPS unit, simple wiring. Includes turn signal, light …
Sep 14th 2023 steve rider
Mikuni Aluminum Flanged Manifolds

Mikuni Aluminum Flanged Manifolds

Here at speedmotoco we are dedicated to providing the best products out there. Today we are showcasing a new product on the website. The Mikuni aluminum flange and rubber boot kit offers the least amount of offset from the engine possible. The 4mm base manifolds have a 62mm-75mm stud center. When mounted on your engine the front face of your carburetor will be positioned in a standoff location of 24mm back from the cylinder headmounting surface. The other aluminum manifold we offer offsets …
Apr 20th 2023 Steve Rider