Mikuni Aluminum Flanged Manifolds

Mikuni Aluminum Flanged Manifolds

Here at speedmotoco we are dedicated to providing the best products out there. Today we are showcasing a new product on the website. The Mikuni aluminum flange and rubber boot kit offers the least amount of offset from the engine possible. The 4mm base manifolds have a 62mm-75mm stud center. When mounted on your engine the front face of your carburetor will be positioned in a standoff location of 24mm back from the cylinder headmounting surface. The other aluminum manifold we offer offsets the carb 29mms back. This is only available with 58-75mm stud centers. 

Mikuni Flange & Boot 34mm ID 40mm spigot, 62-75mm Stud centers, 4mm Base

Mikuni Flange & Boot 34mm ID,40mm spigot, 58- 75mm Stud centres

Apr 20th 2023 Steve Rider

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