How to mount headlight lens guard cover

How to mount headlight lens guard cover

In todays post we will be covering how to install any of the 7" or 5.75" lens guard covers we sell. The process is very straight forward. 

You will need a couple things for this install. First off, you will need your headlight and lens guard cover. As far as the tools needed it will either be a 3mm allen key or a phillips head screw driver for most lights. 

So now that have you have what is needed to perform this install. You will want to start by taking the front ring off of the headlight by removing the screws on the permitter off the light

Once the bolts are removed, pop the ring and lens assembly off of the bucket.

On the back of the lens there will be metal spring clips that hold the lens in place, pry these down and pop them out.

Once removed the ring will fall of of the lens. Now you will place the lens guard cover in the open ring, followed by the lens, then reinstall the metal spring clips.

With the ring fully assembled. Repeat the first steps in reverse. Slide the ring in the bucket, line up the mounting holes for bolts. Install the bolts and hook up your h4 plug. Viola! 

With your new rock guard installed you can plow through fields with ease and piece of mind. You can find all of our lens guard covers here.

May 30th 2023 steve rider

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