Heated Handlebar Grips

Heated Handlebar Grips

Warm up your hands this winter! With the Heated Grips 7/8ths handlebars | Motorcycle or Scooter Heated Hand Grips. A great affordable way to keep your hands warm and cozy this winter. These are some of the best heated grips we have found.They warm up fast and work fantastic.2 temp options with a flick of your thumb no excuses...go ride!Fits 7/8ths bars.Easy to wire and comes with all the parts your need.SPECIFICATIONS 12vLow setting: 10 watts / 50 degrees Celsiushigh setting: 15 watt …
Jan 10th 2024 steve rider

Shorty Hinged Motorcycle Headlight Brackets | Easy to Install | 32mm to 58mm size available.

    Easy to install motorcycle headlight bracket. You do not need to remove your forks or triple clamps.Swivel design allows you to mount a variety of Headlights regardless of the width.  New from SpeedMotoCo Our new shorty hinged headlight bracket.No fork removal! Easy to mount on your forks.Shorter bracket allows you to mount headlight closer to forks.3.75" from front of fork to mounting hole.10mm mounting hole for head.Integrated turn signal mount.Available from 32mm up to 59 …
Oct 28th 2021 Jerry Bracket

2011 zx6r Cafe Fighter Build- Old race bikes need a good home!

2011 zx6r Cafe Fighter Build Old race bikes are the best bikes to build. Usually they are modded, have some good bits and are well sorted.Throw on a kickass headlight and taillight.... maybe some turn signals. ( only if a copper is near )     You usually can pick up older models at a song and then you can go to town.Last years race bike is this months new project! 126hp on pump gas. 129 on MR12.Number plate with integrated LED headlight.More details to follow.All ww …
Sep 12th 2020 Rockford Naylor