Featured Headlights of April

Featured Headlights of April

In todays list we have our top 4 headlights of April. From CafĂ© Racer lights to Harley Davidson lights we have a little bit of everything. 

5. 7 Inch Motorcycle LED Projector Headlight Lens | Integrated turn Signal | Black Bucket | Complete

Coming in at number 4 on our list is the LED integrated turn signal light. This light is a wonderful replacement for any of you Harley guys out there. As it mimics the stock Integrated look of most Harley lights. However, it is noticeably brighter.

3. Cyclop Motorcycle LED Projector Headlight 7 Inch lens 7.75 " bucket LED High Output

Starting off our top 2 is one of out best selling lights. Now on sale through the end of April. Save some change and upgrade your existing h4 light. A very bright and powerful projector style LED light. This light has a very retro sleek design. Like all of our 7" lights, these will fit in your old car or truck.

2. 7 Inch Motorcycle Multi Projector LED headlight w/brackets DANG!

The dang! headlight kit is number two on our list. Easily by far our top selling light of April. A low profile minimalistic design. This complete kit includes brackets. A plug and play light kit good for any bike on the road. 

1.Motorcycle Headlight | 7" Black Multi Projector LED |Mesh Grill - 12v / 75w $179.95

Number one on our list is a high quality and super bright classic style side mount headlight with mesh grill stone guard featuring a multi-projector. A robust, aggressively designed light. This light will take any bike to the next level. 

Apr 18th 2023 Steve Rider

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