TTR125 VM24 Mikuni Carburetor Kit

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  • TTR125 VM24 Mikuni Carburetor Kit
  • TTR125 VM24 Mikuni Carburetor Kit


The VM24 carb is an easy upgrade for your Yamaha TTR125 that will breathe new life into your bike. Simply bolt it on and go! This Mikuni carb fixes the frustrating issues with the stock carb like sticky chokes, hard starting, hesitations, and flat spots. Plus you'll gain noticeable power!

The VM24 comes pre-jetted for most TTR125s. But depending on your model year, you may need different main and pilot jets for proper tuning. Jets for '06-'08 bikes can vary, so contact us if unsure - they're non-returnable. Extra tuning parts can be ordered separately.

Mounting is straightforward. You may need to trim tags on the engine mount for the VM24 to fully seat. For cable hookup, reuse your stock cable by modifying the VM24 top, or convert to a single pull cable. We've got how-to videos online.

This proven Mikuni carb is the go-to upgrade to unleash the full potential of your TTR125. Dialing in the right jetting combats flat spots, hesitations, and other issues. The VM24 means easier starting, smooth response, and more power. Your Yamaha will feel like a new bike!

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