Keihin CR26 Carburetor CB400F Super Sport 75-77

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  • Keihin CR26 Carburetor CB400F Super Sport 75-77
  • Keihin CR26 Carburetor CB400F Super Sport 75-77
  • CB400F Super Sport 75-77 CR26 Carburetor


A bolt on power adder for your bike! Jetted and ready to go.

The choice of Team Honda for years on all there in-line 4-cylinder race bikes in Superbike, World Championship Endurance and Formula One classes. You’ll find the power you need with these Keihin Roundslide CR carburetors. Designed for use on sidedraft four-stroke motorcycle engines. Features include: Improved throttle response; direct linkage to slides provides more precise control than vacuum slide carburetors. A 10% horsepower gain can be expected; Smooth venturi design produces stronger power than original equipment carburetors using butterfly throttle valves. Race fuel capability. Available for gasoline or alcohol use. Re-jetting required when using alcohol or methanol, kit available as an option. Ready to bolt-on and run, these kits come complete with mounting spigots, velocity stacks and velocity stack covers. Available sizes: 26, 29, 31, 33, 35, 37 and 39mm. Intake length can be adjusted with optional mounting adapter spigots.

This kit is a bolt on application for your bike, stock airbox cannot be used. Velocity stacks included or you can purchase pod filters seperately.

All of our kits come prejetted for your bike, intakes, velocity stacks throttle cable (push/pull) sold seperately.

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