Yamaha XS 650 Rear Sets

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  • Yamaha XS 650  Rear Sets
  • Yamaha XS 650  Rear Sets


For those 650 extremists out there, I offer a great Rear-Set kit. Similar to my mid controls kit, by way more aggressive riding stance. Offering even more ground clearance in the turns, this kit will give you the entire ‘race bike feel’ needed on a vintage scoot.
Using the same offset levers, and folding pegs as my other kits, I supply you with a beautiful set of billet rear mounts that bolt right to your stock peg mount studs. All spacers provided, along with nice zinc plated lock nuts, and a specific linkage kit tailored to the XS. The linkage varies from my mid controls due to the peg and lever placement but it’s still the same robust components required for safe riding (or Racing).
However with this kit, to provide adequate kicker clearance, the end user MUST heat and bend their Kicker to go around the pegs when used. If you are deleting your kicker all together, you can run the Solid pegs, and save some coin. It’s all up to you. This kit will re use your existing shifter and brake hardware, just slightly modified of course. All those needed mods are clearly defined in the instructions provided.
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